And Marathon Training Begins

Readers of my blog will be treated (tortured?) to weekly updates of my marathon training.

I’m going to cover all facets including the running plan itself, nutrition, recovery and restoration practices (here’s a shout out to yoga and ice baths) and I’ll also expand my horizon by reading up and learning about others are doing to help with their training.

Most importantly,I’ll also share the challenges of training for a marathon.  Running 26.2 miles, all at once (ha ha), takes training and requires some juggling and schedule shifts as well as earlier nights.  I realize this sounds heinous for some of you but I’m one of those weirdos that enjoys the training process, even with challenges or struggles.  It is what it is; no sense in prettying it up.

So all excited for my training plan I logged on to McMillan Running.  I checked out my training plan and it said I was on Week 1 of my 16 Week plan.  Yay!  Then I looked at my scheduled runs and was kind of nonplussed.  No paces or target times for my runs was listed.  And that’s kind of what I signed up for and am paying for, custom pacing runs for my time goal.  Oh, which is 4:25 by the way.

It also showed the first 2 workouts of the week.  Hmm.  Where was the rest of the week?  I actually felt a small anxious know start to form in my stomach.  I don’t know if I can go 16 weeks 2 days at a time.

Further quick scrolling around revealed that I’d not *quite* gone through the entire process of setting up the plan.  Full disclosure.  When I read things I’m a skimmer and a scanner and had skimmed and scanned my way past the important plan info.

Lesson learned.

So after reading and watching the how to video (twice) I set up my paces in my profile, which populated my training plan and now I know exactly the pace I should be targeting for my runs.  This may be a challenge at first because I tend to just, you know, run.

My first week looks kind of easy, but according to the coaches, it’s supposed to be. They promise that the intensity will increase and say that if I follow the plan and pacing, I will reach my goal.  Sure.  I’ll bite.  And so we begin…


Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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