Taking Care of Business

runing pottiesSo I’m a runner.  And for you other runners out there you know the importance of taking care of your business before a run.  Specifically your bathroom business.

You get up, have your coffee, sit down and sometimes something and sometimes nothing happens.  Regardless, you are meeting friends and have to get going.  So you meet your running pals, start out, get down the street and up a hill and turn the corner when you feel it.  Gurgle.  It will stop you dead in your tracks. And you realize you have to get back to your house or car.  Quickly.  As someone recently said, the run back is the longest run ever.  🙂

Runners talk about poop more than any other athletes I know.  I have a group of friends I’ve been running with for years and before every race we discuss who went, who couldn’t go, if we have to go again and a full discussion on where to stop if one still hadn’t been successful in their mission.  Let’s face it, running ain’t for sissies.

Why do we talk about it?  Because if you haven’t gone before a run or a race, odds are you will have to stop and take care of it during.  Our bodies are funny that way; the ‘go’ often happens with movement.  And no one wants to step into a hot porta-potty and poop mid race.  Contrary to the Charmin commercial, you won’t ‘enjoy the go’ at mile 9 of a half-marathon.

Here are tricks and tips to help you prepare for your next run.

  1.  Easy on the salad.  If you are having problems with “intestinal distress” during your run, it’s best to have your salad and roughage at lunch instead of at your evening meal.  You’ll have something to get the party started but it should move along quickly.
  2. Stick with easily digestible foods.  I learned the hard way on a marathon that french bread dipped in a garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar wasn’t a very smart.  (I was only able to finish the race by running from one porta-potty to the next).
  3. Drink water.  Water is great for helping keep things flowing smoothly.  If you are dehydrated, stuff gets a little dry and can be difficult to eliminate.
  4. Coffee works, in moderation. It’s a diuretic so go easy but a few cups pre-run, in my opinion, is a miracle worker.
  5. Move.  Do some light stretching or easy yoga to get your body moving.  Some twists and knee to chests can be useful.

If you have to run with a full tank, be smart and stick to a loop or an out and back where you have access to a bathroom or two along the way.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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