Hello Monday!

Today kicks off the beginning of our third week so you should be feeling strong and this workout should be easier than it was the first time.  Enjoy!


Do each exercise for 30 seconds, taking very little rest between moves. When you’ve completed all of the exercises REPEAT the circuit 2 times so you have done a total of 3 rounds.

Sumo Squats – In a wide stance (toes pointing forward and knees in line with your toes) press your butt back, keeping your chest lifted.  Only go down as deep as you can go without leaning forward then press back up to start.

Inchworm to Star – Start standing, take your hands to the mat and walk them out into a plank, pause, then walk your hands (first left, then right) so you are in a wide or star position.  Hold for a beat then walk your left hand then your right into a regular plank.  Walk your hands back and stand up.  Repeat for the time allocated.

MOD:  1)  Walk out to a regular plank, avoid the wide stance.  2)  Hold a regular plank, skip the walk out.  3)  Bird dog – on all fours extend right arm in front and left leg straight behind you.  Switch sides. 

Superpeople – Lay face down on the ground, extend your arms in front of you.  Keeping your nose pointing to the ground lift your upper and lower body off the floor at the same time – repeat for time.

MOD:  Lift upper body/lower body – initiate from your lower back

Super Slow Mountain Climbers – Start in the high plank position – elbows, shoulders and wrists all stacked in line – keep your hips low and run your legs oh so slowly to your chest.  Keep your feet light when you touch back down and tuck your abs in tight and stay strong in your arms.

MOD:  1)  Bring your hips up slightly so you’re body forms a slight “V” shape.  2) Standing tall, bend your elbows and hold your hands palm facing the ground but above your belly button.  Quickly alternate your knees so that you bring them up high, touching your palms – keep a steady pace. 

 Reach –  Lie on your back on the  floor.  Extend one leg and the opposite arm and bend the other leg placing your foot on the floor.  Using your core, come up off the floor and lift your extended arm to meet your extended leg.  Keep your lower back to the mat (don’t arch) and suck your belly button in towards your spine.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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