All Kinds

I’m running a race today, The Levi’s Presidio 10, to be precise.  It’s benefitting The Guardsman and there’s a 10 mile, 10k, or 5k option route so it draws a diverse group of runners and walkers.  Plus the course starts along the water in SF and except for the 5k, takes you across the Golden Gate Bridge.   This is the view from my car.

Racing these days provides and opportunity for all kinds of runners to participate.

No matter the type of race or event, there will always be the serious runners.  The ones that can actually win the whole caboodle or at least place in their age group.  You can spot them because they are rail thin, wear very short shorts a light tank, arm warmers and perhaps compression socks.  These are the ones that do a warm up jog prior to the race.

And then there are the rest of us.   The newbies, the weekend warriors, the walkers, the Dads with their son or daughter sharing their love of the run. There’s a place fur everyone out here, which is awesome.

So I encourage you to try a race.  Pick a 5k or a smaller fun run in your ‘hood.

But please take the ball of keys and your spare change out of your pockets first!

Now go run’

Keli 🙂

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