Sunday Trail Runs Rock!

I’m always happy when I can run trails so our Sunday Trail Run Series continues!  (Click here to see where we’re running this week.)

Most Sundays we’ll hit the trails for runs of varying distances; between 6-8 miles.  And we’ll also introduce Adventure Trail Runs.

shaver gradeThe Adventure Trail Runs will be more of an exploration of new routes.  For example, I’ve never run from Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach and would like to check it out.

These runs will be clearly designated as an Adventure Trail Run so if you come, be prepared with a sense of humor (laughter is always better than tears), water and a willingness to try something new.  Speed does not matter on these runs so if you want to come and join in as a walker or hiker, that’s great too!

If Adventure Trail Run sounds a little too daunting, just join in for the regular trail runs.  We’ll convert you soon enough!

As a reminder, these runs are not “organized”.  There are no leaders for pace groups or people to show you which way to go; just the trail signs.  I usually try to provide as much details about the route in advance but I do ask that everyone take responsibility for themselves and

a) know where you are going,

b) are prepared with water and food and the elements and

c) knows you are capable to run and/or walk the route

With that said, we always start together after I make sure we all know where we’re going and send us off.  I do ask that you let me know (as a courtesy) if you are cutting the run short or going a different way back so I don’t wait at the cars for you to come back.  We haven’t lost one yet and I’d like that streak to continue.

So please, join in the fun!  Check out the runs here!  I try and have a run posted by Wednesday of every week so bookmark the page for easy navigating!

Better yet, subscribe to my blog so you can get some inspiration and motivation to your inbox!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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