When in Doubt, Write it Out

People fall into patterns and habits, good and bad.  If you have fallen into some bad eating habits and want to get out of it you need to figure out what to change.  Here’s a way to do it.

  1. Take 2 days and track what you are eating.  Write down every bit, bite and nibble, without judgement.  This is an important exercise so don’t edit yourself.
  2. On Day 3, sit down to review what you’ve eaten and look for patterns.  For example, chips at 4:00pm, a cookie when making the kids’ lunches or ice cream in front of the tv.  Highlight the times where there are areas for improvement
  3. Make a plan.   Instead of two bowls of chips while watching tv at night, pop a bowl of popcorn with a handful of nuts tossed in.  Eat fruit with yogurt instead of an energy bar at 11:00am.  Leave cut veggies out for dinner prep time.

The fact is, you can undo the bad habits pretty painlessly.  You just have to know where to start.   Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Here’s the workout for today.  One time through.  Work hard.  You’re almost done.

Workout #29- 10/29/15

  • Tricep  Dips – 60 repetitions (break it up into 3 sets of 20 if needed)
  • Jumping Jacks – 60 repetitions
  • Mountain Climbers – 60 repetitions (a left and a right is a 1 count)


  1. Please print up the October Challenge Workout Description for a complete description of how to do the exercises.
  2. Perform this workout just one time.  You’re welcome!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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