Run Random

Fall is heavy with races and where I live there are some wonderful events to choose from.  Unfortunately, because they have become so popular (cough – Nike), the organizers of these races have deemed it necessary to jack up the prices so that they are literally pricing people out of the event.

I mean, over $200 for a half marathon?  That’s just crazy.  No matter “who” hands you “what” at the end, some races are simply becoming a luxury.  Bummer.

I love to run in races but have gotten a bit jaded about them and it’s not just the cost.  You have to leave hours early to get parking, a spot in the bathroom line, then crowd in a corral and then weave around walkers and runners alike to find some space to run.   So maybe it’s time to go smaller.  Or run more “random races” to steal  a phrase from a friend of mine!

Luckily there are many less populated but still amazing events to choose from.  Why not hand over my hard-earned sheckles to them?  Sounds like a plan.

Here are some upcoming races that you may not find in the back of Runner’s World!  And I’ve checked out the prices and for most of them you can get in for $30 to $75 (depending on the distance).


Lake Chabot Trail Run 5 mi, Half Marathon, 30km, Marathon and 50km

2015 Napa Valley Harvest 10K and Half Marathon – Calistoga

Peacock Gap Trail Run 5K, 10K and Half Marathon – Marin County


Hark the Herald Angels 10K and Half Marathon – Angel Island

The Krampus Cross Country 5K and 10K – Presidio, San Francisco

For a comprehensive list of local races, check out Sweat Tracker.  Or feel free to grab a group of friends and run your own 10K or half marathon for free and grab some breakfast after.

October Challenge Workout

Today is a rest day.  Enjoy the break and be ready to roll tomorrow.  But DO NOT forget to get your 30 in.  (I’m watching you!)

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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