Running is My Thing

I write about running.  A lot.  I post things on my Facebook page that extols running.  I read about runners, training, recovery and motivating stories about against-the-odds runners.

I will also talk to anyone about their running.  I like to find out what people are doing for their training, what their plans are and always offer a lot of solicited and often, unsolicited advice.

Running is my thing because running changed my life.  It transformed me.  I can’t explain it better than that.

Now I know that running is not for everyone.  Not everyone wants to run, likes to run or can run (for medical or physical reasons).  And when I post things about running I hope that people understand the underlying message that movement and activity is what I’m really preaching.

It just happens to come in a “Now Go Run” package.  With a bow.

So go to Zumba, hike the hills, walk in the hood, meet your friends at the box for a WOD, swim the ocean or at the pool.  Find what is “your” thing.  And keep doing it.  Let “your” thing be the catalyst for a better, healthier life.  Let “your” thing transform YOU.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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