No Missed Workouts

Not able to get out of the house before work, kiddie-camp carpool or loads of laundry?  It happens.

But right now, take a look at your day and find a 10 to 20 minute block to do something.  Anything.  A walk.  A swim.  Playing tag with the kids.  An obstacle course at the park.  Run up and down a hill 3 times.

Don’t let the day go without a workout.  Do not.  Circle with a slash though it.  Do NOT skip your workout.


Today’s missed workout means that you have a higher likelihood of eating poorly (well, since I didn’t work out, what the heck) and/or skipping tomorrow’s workout (I have a Monday, Wednesday and Friday plan and if I work out Thursday instead of today that means I have a Thursday and Friday workout and that’s too much so I’ll skip Thursday too and then go back on Friday).

Trust me.  This is what I hear from people.  The ability to rationalize yourself out of a healthy meal or a good workout is highly developed 🙂

Soooo, back to my point.  Stay on track.  Don’t miss that workout.

mintNow go run!

Keli 🙂

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