My “Come to Jesus” Moment

My first part of 2015 was pretty intense, fitness wise.  I was simultaneously training for a 200-mile Ragnar Relay as well as the Vancouver Marathon.  The races were 3 weeks apart and I had trained hard and was very focused for over 5 months.

I’ll be honest.  After these events I was tired.  And kind of lazy.  Well-deserved after my races but I was having a hard time snapping out of my running malaise.

So when I went on a run up the Dipsea stairs and on the trail last week it became crystal and painfully clear that I had slacked off on my training.  Crap.

It was, without a doubt, my “come to Jesus” moment.

Maybe you’ve had one.  When you try on a pair of jeans that fit before the summer and now don’t?  When you go for a run with a friend and you can barely keep up?  Hopping into the pool and not being able to complete the lap(s) that you used to do easily?   Having yourself “tagged” in a photo on social media. And it’s not a flattering photo.  At all.  You get my drift.

So now that we know what the problem is, we get to act on it.  We can’t deny that we suffer up the hills, that our jeans actually look good with the muffin top popping free or that swimming one lap is good enough.  So let’s get to it.  But how?

Like this:

Accept and Forgive:  Accept where you are AND forgive yourself for not keeping up with your running, swimming or eating healthfully.  You cannot make positive changes with anger in your heart.

Plan:  Sit down and write a plan.  How many days you are going to exercise,  and what type of activity you’ll do (hills, intervals, long and short distances).  Plan some healthy meals for the next few days.

Prepare:  Put your workouts in a calendar.  Shop for the healthier foods so they are handy.  Tip: If you struggle with food that is currently in your home, find a place to put it so you don’t see it every time you open the cupboard or refrigerator.  Pull the healthier options to the front and go for those first.

Act:  Go!  Workout with intention.  Select healthy foods.  Find a support system to help you get back on track.   Let them motivate you and be their motivation.

Me?  I’m adding intensity, hills and longer distances to my running.  In addition (certain people are going to *love* this) adding extra intensity to the classes I teach.  Because I think everyone needs some pushing over the summertime.

I challenge you to pick up the slack, tighten your program and commit to pushing yourself a bit harder.   Run a few minutes longer,  go to exercise class 3 days instead of 2, push away from the dessert table or decline that extra glass of wine.  See where it takes you.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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