Strong Not Squishy

Here’s what I love about CrossFit.  And bear in mind, I’ve never stepped into a “box”, done “Elizabeth” or gotten to write my name and goal on a white board.

So what can I possibly love about a program that I’ve not yet done?  I love, love, LOVE that it encourages people (women) to embrace the weight room and own their strength and power.


We should not be afraid of the weight room.  While Zumba, walking and other aerobic endeavors are great for cardiovascular fitness and general health, you will miss out on a whole boatload of benefits if you don’t do strength training.

And while I know some of you are fighting me on this “oh no, I’ll get bulky, I’ll look like a man”.  Trust me.  You won’t.

You can (and should) build muscle because it fires up your metabolism like crazy and you burn calories even at rest.

Education time:  With cardio you burn what you burn when you exercise but when you stop, the calorie burning only goes on for a few more minutes (I don’t have the exact time memorized but it’s short).  Weight lifting and strength training burns fewer calories during the actual activity but the after-burn is greater.  More muscle means your body has to work harder just to sustain itself.

Think lean. Think defined.  Think strong.  See, what a great concept!  Strength, not squish.

Maybe I’m biased because I have a muscular build and without tooting my own horn, I’m strong.   However, body-shape wise, my brother hit the familial DNA jackpot and got the long, lean build of our ancestors whereas I  cornered the shorter, stockier genes.

So I work with what I was given and be the best I can be.  I’ll never be long and lean but, hand to god, I won’t be squishy!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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