Homework Assignment

Here’s a homework assignment for you.

Part 1

Write down the names of people who are totally in your corner.  list

These are the people who support your decision to take a walk instead of meeting for a drink and buffalo wings. The ones who don’t mind your sharing what you ate for the day or your workouts. Or who can talk you down from that third doughnut.

And if you don’t have people you feel comfortable sharing with, go online.  Spark, Weight Watchers, etc.  have message boards you can participate in for support.  Even if you’re not following a “program” per se.

Part 2

Use your resources. Duh, it doesn’t help making a list or joining a group if you don’t share and participate.  It’s amazing what you can learn and how you can help others when you open up.  Trust me on this!

Part 3

Time for your workout!  Today we’re on the floor working the core.  Stay strong and work it. Day 6 Bodyweight Express Challenge Workout

Have a great weekend.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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