Later this week I’ll provide a full recap of my experience at the BMO Vancouver Marathon that I ran this past Sunday, but first I wanted to thank my fellow marathoners, half marathoners and the relay runners.

What I love about marathons is that you can be inspired by your fellow runners very easily.

I’m entertained by the pairs or threesomes that run and easily chat as if they were just out on a leisurely jog.  I appreciate the pace groups that kept folks on task for their goal.  And as you get to the latter part of the race when you need to dig deep you see how hard people are trying to get to the finish line.

I saw quite a few pairs limping together and providing encouragement to one another and the ones that are working so hard to continue in a forward motion, without any ability to run those last few miles.

But there’s not quitting in marathons and there’s no complaining or bitching on the course.  You just make your way to the end.  How awesomely inspiring is that?

So thank you to my fellow runners for providing inspiration and motivation.  You all rock!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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