Running Ragnar – the Prequel

ragnar-logo-wonkyThis weekend I’m running in my first Ragnar Relay Race – starting in Huntington Beach and finishing in San Diego.  For those who have no idea what this means, it’s a 24 hour (ish) relay run comprised of teams of 12 running about 200 miles.

Each runner of the team will tackle three separate “legs” of the race. Each “leg” has varying distance and terrain.  We’re broken up into sub teams of 6.  Our team isThe Crazy Beaches and runners in Van #1 run the first 6 “legs” and then our group in Van #2 runs “legs” 7-12, then Van #1 runs their next 6 “legs” and we run ours – until we get to San Diego.

I’ve been assigned as Runner 8 and my “legs” are 8 ish, 5 ish and 7ish miles – totaling 23 miles.  I’ll run at 3pm Friday, 12:30am on Saturday morning and then Noon ish on Saturday afternoon.

It’s my first relay race and I’ve heard they are a ton of fun.  I’m comfortable with the distance but the process of running 3 times in such a short period of time is something I’ve not done.

Common sense would dictate that I should have practiced running in the morning and then evening, I wasn’t able to fit that in my schedule so I’m relying on the strength and stamina that I’ve been building for the marathon training.

I’ll report back on the race when I get back on Monday.  Wish me luck!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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