Run Like a Tourist

This past weekend, my running partner in crime, Lisa and I had our 20 mile run scheduled.  Here’s a few things you should know about how we pick our routes.

  1. I start planning early in the week and then send out 1 or 2 suggestions to Lisa for her thoughts and/or approval.
  2. Hills are mandatory.
  3. It must not be a ‘hood run unless there’s no way around it (such as time constraints)It can be an out and back, a point to point but we have both decreed that it may not be a) a bowtie or b) any route that loops back to the car before continuing on.

So we choose San Francisco.  A lot.  The beauty about running in SF or running from Marin to SF is that you have plenty of long roads that you can link together to create distance.  Our favorite is the run from The Beach Chalet at Ocean Beach up to the Land’s End trail and down to Chrissy Field.  Enough hills to keep you entertained and some flats so you can pick up some speed.  And of course there’s the views.   If you hate the ocean, cliffs and rugged coastline, you’re in the wrong place!

This week we chose to run from the Bay Area Discovery Museum to the GG Bridge into San Francisco and it was a gorgeous day.  From the GG Bridge, down Chrissy Field to the Marina Green, through Aquatic Park, along the Wharf, past Pier 39, the Ferry Building and the famous Saturday Farmer’s Market and then a straightaway along the waterfront to McCovey Plaza.  Lots of tourists, lots of hustle and bustle.  I was in a good zone so the tourists crowding on the street didn’t bother me.  I enjoyed hearing different languages and listening to people’s stories as they ran up and past me.  Bikers always talk loudly so I got a good earful from groups of them cycling by.

I know that running long distances may be very low on the list for a lot of you.  But I would encourage you to get out of your running comfort zone.  Run from Marin over the bridge to SF and back.  Park at the BADM and run up (yes up) the hill towards Sausalito.  Sure it’s hilly but you can walk and I promise the views are worth it.  Or pick a trail, ask around and find out how to get there and just go there.

My rule for any new run is to go out as far as you can and just come back the same way.  It guarantees you won’t get lost.  But if you’re really worried and need help, give me a call.  I’m happy to tag along for moral support.  As long as you let me add some hills.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS – I’m doing my first Ragnar Relay this coming weekend.  Our team, the Crazy Beaches leave Huntington Beach on Friday 4/10 and will roll in to San Diego sometimes Saturday 4/11.  Wish us luck!


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