Back on the Wagon Wednesday

As a fitness professional, my job is to motivate, provide inspiration, train safely and effectively while creating an atmosphere where people can  get stronger and improve their fitness levels.   And have fun.  🙂

I’ve had my fair share of clients come and go.  Sometimes the class (or me) isn’t their cup of tea.  Sometimes it’s just too early, too dark, too cold, or all of the above. I understand this and try not to take it personally.  You can’t please everyone.

Sometimes, however, people simply fall off the wagon and can’t get back on. This, I feel, is my biggest challenge.  How to re-motivate and encourage someone to come back to class (mine, or anyone else’s for that matter) and continue their fitness journey?

After a lot of research, motivation tactics and other tricks of the trade I’ve been able to narrow down the process to 2 words.

Just.  Go.

Don’t think.  Don’t snooze.  Don’t make excuses.

Just.  Go.

Get your workout clothes prepared the night before or even sleep in them if need be.  Get the kids’ cereal out, bowls on the table and their backpacks packed.

Just. Go.

And when you get home, put a big, fat, gold star on your calendar.  You did good.  Be proud.

Then repeat the process until you don’t have to push yourself out the door.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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