Weekly Focus Point – Surviving Fair Food

Happy July!  I’m finishing up some work so I can take the boy to our local county fair.

In boot-camp today there was discussion on the healthy food choices that you can have at the fair to which I say, “Hell to the No”.   I don’t eat salad at the fair, nor do I eat sushi at a baseball game.  Part of the fun and nostalgia is the chance to eat crappy food that you covet.

But first, lest you think I’ve gone off my nut, we should get some semantics out of the way:

  • Are these foods healthy?  Um, no.
  • Are they good for you?  Um, no.
  • Should you eat them everyday? Um, no.
  • Should you deprive yourself of the treats you love while out and about just so you can go home and closet eat a bag of cookies?  Um, hell to the no.

Sometimes you can sit out a craving and in 15 minutes it goes away.  But sometimes you have a hankering for something and it doesn’t go away. If that’s the case go for it.  Eat it.  Savor every bite.  Enjoy it.

Then move along. No guilt. No remorse.

Another way to plan for such indulgences is to think about what you really, really, really want and then eat it.  In fact, think of your 2 favorite fair goodies and plan to get them both.  I do suggest not ordering them together.  Maybe one for lunch and the other later in the day.

Once you start to eat, you may not feel like devouring the entire funnel cake or ice cream cone or you may eat some and decide you’re done.  Fine.  Eat what you want and chuck the rest.

The beauty of both of  these approaches is that you are in control.  You’re not at the whim of every sniff or blast of fried goodness.  You decide what you want to eat. You take the taboo out of the food when you do that.

So enjoy a few treats.  And then get right back on track your next meal.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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