March Challenge

So here’s the deal.  You are important.  Your health, fitness, well-being and body is important.  Too often, we let other things get in the way of taking care of our health, fitness, well-being and body.

I know, you’re busy.  Lots of balls in the air, things creeping up to get in the way of a fitness class, walk around the park or going to yoga.  Then add in sick kids, husbands, parents, work pressures, home pressures, etc.  It’s a wonder that you can even dress yourself and make it out the door.

I get it because I also have a busy schedule.  I teach classes 4 times a week, I spend 15-20 hours working at a non-profit, another 10 hours a week working for various clients, 2 kids, a husband, a house to keep care of and also the added pressure of a sick parent.  Toss in pick ups and drop offs for school and various sports, blog postings, virtual trainer work plus prep time and follow ups for my classes.  I’m often tired before the day starts!

But here’s the trick to fitting in exercise when life is just so crazy.  You need to make it a priority.   Your number 1 priority.  Yes, family and kids and work is important but finding even 10 or 15 minutes a day to move your body is vital to your health and well-being.

So here’s your challenge for March.  Take out your calendar and identify 3-5 days each week that you will exercise.  Walk, run, a circuit at the gym, yoga, whatever.  Now, for the next 29 days (including today) I want you to stick with your plan.  You can add in a day but NOT switch or subtract.   If you can only get in a 15 minute walk instead of an hour of Zumba that you planned, that’s ok.

No matter what else is happening in your day to day make a commitment to see this challenge through.

You can do it.  Let me know if you need help, guidance, workouts, whatever.  I’m here to help.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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