Why We Need a Strong Core

If you are following my January Core Challenge Workouts I hope you are enjoying the experience.  Listen, I know, my idea of “enjoyment” is often different from a lot of people’s so I hope you are at least appreciating the experience 🙂

For those of you who are still wondering why having a strong core is important, here’s some reasons why you should be a part of our Challenge.

core-muscles-smallThe core is your center, your foundation.  Having a strong core will help you sit tall in your chair, get out of your chair, ge down on the ground the play with your kids and then help you get up off the floor.

It will help you when carrying groceries, a screaming child out of Target, and even helping your spouse drag your 7 foot Christmas tree out of the house to the curb for pick up.

Having a strong core will help you play tennis better, throw a football to your kid, jump up and scream when Jr. scores a touchdown or make a goal kick or handle a throw-in when you play soccer in that over 35 league (on a side note, registration for the Marin Women’s Soccer League is coming soon).

If you are a runner it will help you finish off those last miles.  Whether you’re at the end of your daily 4 mile run or at mile 18 with 8 more to go.  With a strong core your upper body won’t collapse onto itself;  your shoulders will stay up and back and your chest will remain open, allowing for better breathing (when your chest collapses forward during an endurance event, you are not able to take in as much oxygen).

Same goes for hiking, walking, Zumba, the StairMaster or even martial arts, etc., etc., etc.

Having a strong core will also help the “baby bellies” by strengthening those muscles stretched and weakened by pregnancy.  It will also help take some pressure off of your lower back, which has been having to compensate for weak abs.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the Challenge.  I’m happy to help, provide motivation or a nudge to get you going!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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