There’s never a good time so just get going already

I like to run marathons.  For fun.  I have a goal in place to run 10 marathons by the time I’m 50.

And since I run a race every other year, I’m due for one next year (age 47) and then number 10 in 2 years (age 49).  Easy peasy, right?

My conundrum is timing.  Now that my kids are older and involved in more things, there doesn’t seem to be a “right” time to train and then run a race.

If I plan a winter race I’m training in soccer, fall ball and volleyball season.  If I pick a spring race I have to contend with travel volleyball, baseball and soccer.  A summer run means heat so no, thank you, right off the bat and that leaves a fall race which is great weather-wise, but I have to train in the summer.

Well, to avoid the problem I could skip a few years until life settles down.  Or I could scale back my distance to half marathons or shorter distances but those choices, well, they suck.  (Note – I am not disparaging people who choose not to race or those who choose to race shorter distances).

You see, the reality is (wait for it) there is no perfect time to train.  Something will always be planned or something will come up.  So I will plan a race and figure out the training.  I may miss some things or have to work my training around some things but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will figure it out.  Because if I give in and plan my race for a *more convenient* time, it will never come.

And so when you want to start an exercise program or to lose a few pounds but are waiting for things to settle down, they won’t.  Or if they do, something else will come along to upset your apple cart.

Then you’ll be waiting for that crisis to be over.  Etc., etc., etc.

Stop the madness, set a goal and make it happen.  You are worth the time and energy and even though it’s super great to watch our kids play soccer, a missed game here or there is not going to doom you to Bad Parent Hell.  But if it does, I’ll save you a spot and we can hang out.  Maybe do some burpees.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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