My cranky pants are on…

My darling hubby fractured his fibula and pulled tendons while we were on our camping trip so he’s in a cast for 3 weeks.  It’s a non-weight-bearing cast so he’s basically on the couch until early August. Then he’ll be put into a regular cast so we have a few months of hobbling ahead of us.  I mean him.  Poor Brad.

With hubby on the DL, I’m chauffeur, cook, maid, nurse, mom, gardener, lawn mover, trash taker-outer, pool sweeper all in one cute little package.

I need a run but haven’t been able to get one.  In addition to having Brad down for the count, I developed a nasty head cold that has moved to my chest so I’ve been sniffling, coughing and feeling very under the weather.

And as you can probably guess, this makes me very displeased.

Tomorrow, I will teach class (I cancelled Wednesday because I felt that bad) and I’ll go for a slow run on Saturday.

And  next week my workouts will be back on track and I’ll be able to tend to my family’s needs with a smile.  Or at least a smirk.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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