School’s almost out for summer!

Two more days and my kids are out of school for the summer.  I can’t wait and here’s why.

1.  I work from home so I don’t have to be at an office at any certain time which will allow me to do some longer runs during the week or even hit some trails with some friends.  As long as I’m back by 8:30 on the weeks my kids are in camp – I’m golden!

2.  Summer + heat = a bounty of locally grown fruits and veggies which in turn = healthier eating.  Biting into a locally grown, naturally sweet nectarine tastes so good that I want to do it more often.  It’s kind of like food crack.

3.  Summer activities keep me moving!  Baseball with the kids, swimming in the pool on a lazy afternoon, walking after dinner.  Living in shorts during the summer helps keep the activity quotient high as well!

4.  Fun times with friends and family.  I love a backyard bbq, having friends over for a glass of wine or impromptu pool parties.  Spending time with friends in the summer makes up for all of the times I was too busy or too tired during the school year!

So enjoy your summer break as much as I plan to.  If the kids start to drive you crazy then call a friend and go for a walk!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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