How To Get An Extra 15 Minutes Each Day

I am an early bird.  I like to get up early (some say obscenely early) so I can have an hour of quiet time.  I drink coffee, watch trashy reality tv, check emails and get some paperwork out of the way before I teach class at 5:30am or go for my run.  While getting up at 4:18 am may seem a bit extreme, there is something to be said for getting up and getting things done.
Time is a precious commodity.  There are only so many minutes of every day to get that endless to-do list done.  For those of you who battle the clock every day and end up skipping important things like exercise or doing much needed housework, organizing or you are trying to build or manage your business here’s something to try.
Get up 15 minutes earlier every day this week.
Use that time to go through the files on your desk, pay bills, schedule summer camps for the kids, do a pushup-squat-lunge circuit or just catch up on you reading.
You won’t miss that 15 minutes of sleep (promise) but you’ll be more efficient, effective and you’ll be able to get things done.
Try it and let me know how it works.
Now go run!
Keli 🙂


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