January Blahs

By now, Christmas is stashed back in its box, the tinsel is vacuumed, less desirable items returned and now it’s the middle of January.  The.  Middle.  Of.  January.  Blech.

After my marathon last month I’ve taken some well-earned (I think) rest and have been spending more time at the gym on the elliptical.  Doing this a few times a week allows me to get my cardio training done while I read and study for my personal training certification.  It’s the perfect place to study undisturbed for 45 minutes or so.  (If you see me at the YMCA mouthing words and touching my body parts I’m not a weirdo, I’m just studying!)

I was at the YMCA yesterday morning, studying while on the elliptical and I was on it about 10 minutes when I realized that while I was going at a good clip, I wasn’t sweating or breathing very hard.  Wow.  I may have well been sitting on my butt at home watching tv!  I wonder how long I’d been slacking and immediately cranked up the intensity to a more challenging level.   Finally breaking a sweat I realized I’d fallen into the cardinal trap – routine.  I had been hopping on the machine, setting the intensity and incline at the same level every time.  I’d gotten (dare I say it?)  lazy.

So here’s something to try the next time you are working out.  When you hop on the treadmill, elliptical, bike or stair climber, add some intensity to your workout.  Mix it up a bit, make it a bit harder for a few minutes at a clip and give yourself an extra push.  Do this every other workout and you’ll see better results and increased fitness in no time at all!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

One thought on “January Blahs

  1. sarah irwin

    Hi Keli! I think I am your favorite poster 🙂 I used to wonder how anyone on an elliptical, stationary bike, treadmill, etc, could get a good workout while reading a book?? Especially the bike! I guess if you are just aiming to walk on the treadmill, then you are ok, but I think I would need books on tape or something. You, though, have an excuse because of your studying and you might as well burn some calories while reading instead of just sitting on the couch!…… Oh yes, and I have taken lots of time off from running. took the first week off and was going to get back into it and then got a nasty cold which put me off for 2 more weeks. then I have only been a couple times a week, if that, with all the rain over break and all the visitors that we had. I motivated myself to go today since it was such beautiful weather. I talked myself into the trail although I hadn’t been on it since before the marathon. I was preparing myself for a lot of stopping at the tops of hills, and lots of walking but it turned out I didn’t have to. I was very happy with myself for not getting too out of shape 🙂


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