Patience is a Virtue

I was not born with a lot of patience which surprisingly didn’t  cause me any problems until I had kids .  Being a parent with no patience is like mixing gasoline and a lit match.  Kaboom!

Training for marathons or any endurance event is similar.  You can’t rush through an 18-week marathon training plan.  You have to tackle each week a run at a time and each long run as scheduled.  I’ve read where some people can run a marathon without training for it but frankly those people are freaks.  Like supermodels, or parents that don’t yell at their kids.

The rest of us ‘normal people’ need to find a training plan down, follow it and have faith.  Even if your 12 mile run was horrendous and you can’t see how you’ll be able to run an additional 14.2 miles on race day you have to trust in the training and have some patience.  You’ll get there!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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