SF Half Marathon Pre-Race Update

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I signed up for the SF Half Marathon which is taking place this Sunday.  I also mentioned that I hadn’t really done much race preparation prior to registering for the event and didn’t really have a lot of time to cram in any long runs beforehand.  I know, sounds like a recipe for disaster!

I was able to get in a 10 mile run one Saturday morning that went well.  I also have a few 8 milers under my belt so my plan was to just gut it out and push hard through the race.  Get it over quickly and suffer at the pool later that day.

My plans have changed slightly in the past few days.  I received a phone call asking me to fill in as a Pace Group Leader for the 2:10 group.    To explain, most marathons and half marathons these days offer runners a chance to run with a pace group based on their desired finish time.   Each group has a leader that carries a sign or runs with a balloon attached to their body or some other item to make them easily identifiable to the pace group.  A leader’s job is to guarantee that if you stick with the group you will cross the finish line in the time promised (in this case 2:10).

When I was asked to be a Pace Group leader I thought about it for a few minutes.  Truthfully I couldn’t think of a reason NOT to take advantage of this offer.  I was going to run the race anyway, the pace is slower than I had planned to run and I would have some people to run with.   Plus I got to wear a cool shirt and carry a sign.  What other motivation do I need?

So if you are on the sidelines or running the race on Sunday, look for me carrying my “blinged out”  2:10 sign and chatting with my new BFFs.

I’ll update you all on Monday with my experience.  I’m sure it will be fun and I’ll have some good stories to tell.

Now go run!


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