Beach Bodies

Our family spent the weekend at New Hogan Reservoir in Calaveras County camping at the lake, floating in the water, dragging the kids around on the tube, etc.   This meant that I was in a bathing suit for the majority of the weekend.  And no, my body is not perfect,  but I refuse to let that  stop me from having fun in the water with the kids.

I, like many women I know are not entirely comfortable wearing a bathing suit in public.  Some women probably aren’t even comfortable in their bathing suit in the privacy of their own backyard!  Which is sad, if you think about it; there is such shame in not having a “perfect” body.

Just because you don’t have buns or abs of steel doesn’t mean you have to hide behind shorts and a tee and sitting on the grass while your kids are at the pool!  You may have too much junk in the trunk, wide hips, a flabby midsection, are flat chested or sport some cellulite but so do most women out there.  You are not alone!

This doesn’t mean you have to keep the junk in your trunk or are destined for the flabby hereafter.  If you need to lose weight, reduce portion size, eat more fruits and veggies, drink your water, and move more.   If you need to tone up some flabby areas, add strength training to the mix.

If you still aren’t comfortable wearing a suit for all to see there are wonderful water short options out there as well as pretty sarongs to throw on after you get out of the pool.   You can be water ready and still feel comfortable.

But remember that self-confidence is the best accessory!

Now go run!


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