Runner In Need, Help Indeed!!

Compliments of the Marin IJ.   If you know Joan or Andy from Fairfax, tell ’em I said “Hi”

Saturday Readers’ Forum

Runners to the rescue

I am writing this letter to openly thank Andy and Joan from Fairfax for coming to my aid near Lake Lagunitas last Saturday morning.

I was about 4.5 miles into a run from Ross Common when I severely sprained my ankle on the trail.

Unable to continue my run, let along walk back down, my friend helped me flag down the first motorist we saw and asked if they could drive me back to my car in Ross.

They not only agreed, but offered me coffee at the Java Hub in San Anselmo on the way! We chatted about running, jobs and kids as they drove me (very much out of their way, I might add) back to my car.

I have always said that runners are “good people” and today was additional proof that they are.

Thank you, Andy and Joan for your kindness today – you really saved the day. I hope to see you on the trails again!

Keli Honsberger, TERRA LINDA

Now go run!


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