5 Tips for Spring Running

The sun has been shining and that in turn is making for some warmer running temps.  It also seems like everyone and their brother are out running, biking, roller blading (yes, that’s still around) and walking.    Here are 5 tips to get your Spring training season off to a great start.

1.   SPF 30 sport sunscreen.  Buy it.  Use it.  You don’t want everyone to know you’re an outdoor runner just by looking at your face.  Don’t forget your legs and arms and hands.  Botox can’t do much for wrinkly kneecaps.

2.  Hit the trails!  Winter rains have bestowed upon us a spectacular playground.  The grass and trees are green, wild flowers are blooming and the trails are prime for running.  Plot a course, bring some water and GU and hit the trails for some delightful spring training!

3.  Sign up for a race.  Even a 5k will help clear the cobwebs and get your engine primed for race season.  Check out http://www.active.com for local races.

4.  Find friends to run with.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now you know how much I value running with my friends.  Join a running club, look online for local running groups, check out events at local running stores.  Buddy up for more enjoyable running.

5.  Use self-tanner.   Unless you spent the winter on the islands, your stems look as doughy and white as an uncooked English muffin.  Applying self-tanner will encourage shorts-wearing and that will encourage more running to keep those stems in tip top shape.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Email me if you have something on your mind.  keli.honsberger@gmail.com

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