Rockin’ Resources

We runners are a nosy bunch.  We want answers to our burning questions.  Where’s the closest 10K?   How should I go about speed work?   What should my pace be for an upcoming marathon?  Where can I find inexpensive running shorts?  Where can I find a trail map for Mt. Tam?

In this day and age, we runners have a variety of resources at our fingertips to answer these and other burning questions.   Whether you are more comfortable in the Age of the Internet or the Age of Aquarius, there’s a place for you to find what you are looking for.    Here are a few of my favorite resources about running.

Web sites – Archived articles, training tools and a separate site for women runners make this a useful and important resource. – Races, pace calculators, training plans, a mecca for runners. – Because we runners like to think we can self-diagnose our running ailments. – Comprehensive website for events across the country. – Need running stuff? Buy running stuff.  “Nuff said. – For women who run.

Books and Magazines

Runner’s World Magazine – Oldie and a goodie.

No Need for Speed by John Bingham – While training for my first marathon I would climb into an ice bath with this book after a long run.  (Wearing 3 sweatshirts and a hat).  Great motivational book for people who don’t think they look like or feel like they are runners.

Women’s Running Magazine – Formerly Her Fitness.  Now re-tooled for the female runner.

That should give you enough of a start.   Check out these websites, magazines or book mentioned.   It might be the education you need to take you to that next level.

Now go run.


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