Don’t be Daft

I almost ran into a runner last night.  In my SUV.  I mean, I wasn’t really going to hit him, but I didn’t see him at all until I was almost next to him.  And no, it was not because I was on my cell phone or that my truck is so big I can’t see over the steering wheel, it was because said runner was dressed head to toe in black.

Black long pants, black long sleeve tee and on top of his head, ironically, a headlight that was turned off.  The only spot of reflection was below his ankle on his running shoes.  That was it.

Ok people.  If you are running outside.  At night.  In the morning.  In the dark.  Be sensible and wear some color or reflection.  Light colored tops, a reflective vest, a blindingly white hat.  Pin one of those flashing bike lights that I use on Jack when we go camping on the back of your pants.  Tape reflective tape on your butt making a big (or small) X or a bullseye.

Do anything you can so that if you are running along the road in the dark someone sees you.  Are aware of you.  Knows you are in their path or around their $75K car (we ARE in Marin).

And leave the Ipod at home.  If you are wearing one in the dark you’re just being silly.

I am  stepping OFF my soapbox.  Rant over.

Now go run.  Safely!


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