Feeling the Need for Speed

Fartleks, chase the rabbit, intervals, Yasso 800’s are all terms used when doing speed work.   No matter what method you choose to incorporate into your training, the common denominator is this.  If you want to run faster, you have to train your legs, body and mind to run faster.  That is ultimately accomplished by (you guessed it) running faster.

You can incorporate speed work into one run a week and still achieve great results. The trick is to start doing it and being conistent with it.

Speed work is not about going all out for a 6 mile run. The method I use for speed work is by adding speed intervals to an average run. Begin with a warm up of a mile or so and then add bursts of speed to your run. You can time it with your watch for 1 to 2 minutes or pick a point that you want to run to and speed up for that distance. When you hit the mark, slow down for a few minutes and then speed up again until you hit the next marker.

Continue the process for a few miles or so and then cool down for a mile or so and you are done. But don’t forget to stretch.

You can find more detailed training programs on websites such as www.runnersworld.com or www.coolrunning.com.

So go for it. You’ll be happy with the results.

Run strong and don’t forget to have fun.


Contact me at keli.honsberger@gmail.com

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