Monday Motivation: A Family Affair

On November 3rd I crossed the finish line and completed my 3rd NYC Marathon and my 12th marathon since April, 2001.   I'll write about the race in detail on Wednesday. Today, however, I'm giving a huge SHOUT OUT to my family! My kids don't know me as anything other than a runner.  In fact, if …

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1st Annual Sunday Before Thankgiving Turkey Trot

The 1st Annual Sunday Before Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!  Join us the Sunday before Thanksgiving  for a leisurely 4-ish mile run, walk or stroll.    Yes, you heard it right.  This year we're trotting the Sunday BEFORE  Thanksgiving.   Join us on November 24, 2019 , 8:00 am at the Rush Creek Open Space Reserve (click here …

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Workout Wednesday: Head in the Game

I'm in week 16 of my marathon training plan.  How many more weeks are there?  None, this is it.  There's no making up any lost miles, cranking out any speedwork or improving anything.  The race is on Sunday and I'm as ready for it as I can be.  My main job this last week has …

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Friday Freebie: Join a Plant-Based Challenge

Check this out my people, a 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge kicks off on November 4th and it's totally FREE and totally amazing. The Plant-Based Challenge provides recipes, tips and support to make every step of the process as seamless as possible. If you've never tried focusing on a whole-foods, plant-based diet, you will be in …

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Monday Motivation: Growth

Difficult conversations with family, a friend or your boss, gutting out the last interval on a tempo run or learning how to do a pull-up are uncomfortable.  But that is part of the process.   In order to grow you have to stretch beyond what you are currently doing.  It may cause mental and/or physical discomfort …

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