So I bought myself a Peloton. Trust me when I say it’s not like the good old days when I sat on the stationary bike at the gym, popped a book on the plexiglass book rack (that I purchased and would bring with me to the gym) and peddle away for 45 minutes with Oprah playing on the tv’s in the “cardio room”.

These classes are HARD, even the “beginner” classes! My legs are working, I’m sitting down, getting up in the saddle, speeding up, adding resistance and sweating buckets and I look at the instructor and wonder “why aren’t they sweating?”. But I have to say, I love it.

Maybe it’s the variety, maybe it’s the instructors, but mostly I think it’s because I’m in my home and it allows me to suffer in private! With cool music and someone shouting “Let’s Go Peloton” in my face. I kind of like that.

Plus, it’s a low impact, high-intensity workout that helps build strength and endurance in my legs and glutes, which is beneficial as a runner. So I’m curious to see how riding my Peloton three times a week affects my speed and endurance. You know I’ll keep you posted about that.

Since today’s not a run day, I’m hopping into my bike shoes and going for a ride. Let’s Go Peloton!!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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