Friday Vibes

There are only 48 days left in 2020. Here are a few tips to end what’s been a totally insane year on a high.

  • Figure out your holiday landmines and create some workarounds. If you love to make chocolate and peppermint bark, have some, move on. If you normally spend Christmas Day in a mimosa-soaked haze, plan to have some dry days before and after. If you travel, make sure you are bringing your exercise clothes.
  • Get an Accountability partner to help you stay on task. Reach out to a friend who is of like mind and buddy up. Create a system, a plan and work it. You can also have different partners for different goals. It’s like being an Accoutnability Swinger. But not in that way.
  • Meditate. You DO have time. You DO need it. Stop making excuses, download an app and get going.

Finally, if there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that people, not things are what’s really important. So take some time to connect with the people you love. Be present with your family and friends. Drop a text, send a card, make a phone call to those you don’t see often.

The new year will be here before you know it. And while that can be a great thing, it’s just a reminder that time is fleeting and there’s none to waste.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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