You Are Amazing!

Ok here’s some tough love today.  Stop minimizing your fitness achievements.  I see it on social media, I read it in emails and people do it all the time when we talk in person.

  • You didn’t “just” walk today, you walked and moved.
  • You don’t “only” jog a little, you are a runner.

And I get it.  We see a lot of people out there crushing long runs, lifting heavy shit and  showcasing their insta-perfect bodies as they home-school their kids after their 40 mile bike ride and mile swim while they whip up a batch of green smoothies as they simultaneously hold a plank.   And that’s amazing.

And so are you.    That walk you “just” did might be the beginning of your fitness journey or your chance to catch up with a good friend.  That jog you “only” did could be your longest run yet.

And listen, I fall into that trap too.  I was Tuesdays are my run days but I got out there and just did not have it.  At all.  So I walked.  And as I walked I was justifying my decision in my head.  “I didn’t sleep well, I need a rest day, I’ll make up for it tomorrow.”  I walked.  I was active.  I was moving.  I got my heart rate up.  I enjoyed myself.  It was enough.

So go on with your bad selves and post loud and proud all of your accomplishments.  You never know who you will inspire.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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