The SIP 10,000 Steps Challenge

It’s time to dust off your Fitbits and charge your Apple watches (but neither are required) and get ready for our 10,000 steps per day challenge.

For 10 days, starting April 20th, get 10,000 steps in each and every day. It doesn’t mater how you get them. It does’t matter if you walk around your couch 10,000 times.

Why are we doing this? Because in our SIP sitch, many of us aren’t moving around as much as we normally do (hello live/work space) and if we have a goal, it will encourage more movement and activity throughout the day.

According to Michael Roizen, a physician and wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, “…if everyone did just 10,000 steps a day in America we would probably decrease healthcare budget by $500 billion a year and that shows how few people actually do it, and two how big a reduction in chronic disease we’d have if more did,”  So, yeah, what he said.

10,000 steps roughly translates to 5 1/2 miles. And while it may seem daunting to think about fitting that many steps in to your day, try breaking it up.

  • Get up 30 minutes earlier and go for an early morning walk while you enjoy your coffee.
  • Take frequent walk breaks during the work day.
  • Take an evening stroll with your family after dinner.
  • Walk as you talk during your meetings with co-workers.
  • Do laps around your living room or your home. Bonus points if you have stairs.
  • When you go out for essential shopping, park as far as you can from the store.
  • If you are an essential worker, park as far as you can from your place of work. (And while we’re talking essential workers, let me say “thank you” for all that you’re doing for our country. We are beyond grateful!)
  • If your dog will tolerate another walk, take your pooch for a stroll.
  • If you are exercising at home, take breaks between sets by heading outside and walking down to the end of your driveway and back.

Before I close, let me be very clear. If you don’t get the 10,000 steps on any given day, please stay in the challenge and aim to get more steps the next day. Remember, some activity is better than none!

To help keep you motivated, drag some friends or family members along for the ride or find us on Facebook and join our tribe.

Now go run! (Ok, fine, just this once – Now go walk!)

Keli 🙂

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