Monday Motivation: Make Your March Count

Today is the first Monday in March and I finally have some goals set.

I’m giving IF (Intermittent Fasting) a try. Mostly to see if it helps with some digestion issues. I’ve heard a lot about it so March will be my test month. The goal of IF is to limit your eating periods so that your body can fully digest the food you’ve eaten. Full disclosure, I’m not completely sold on the benefits so I’m coming into it as a skeptic. Stay tuned.

I’m going to pick a race to run in May or June; most likely a half marathon. Maybe a trail run? Maybe a road race? I’ll pick it this week and let you know what and where.

I’ve signed up for a 30 day writing project at If I fail to write 750 words on the site I will have failed the challenge and my name will go on the Wall of Shame plus I committed to donate to the site. I’ve been meaning to devote more time to writing which is what I’ve loved to do every since I was a kid. This 30 day challenge will force me to sit down and put fingers to keyboard (pen to paper is too hard because my thoughts come out much faster than I can write them down). What I LOVE about this project is that it’s designed to be a stream of consciousness, no spell checking, no backspacing, you corrections at all. You just write and see what happens. Kind of like this blog. 🙂

Ok, so that’s my March. What are you doing this month to get you closer to your goals?

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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