Monday Motivation: A Family Affair

On November 3rd I crossed the finish line and completed my 3rd NYC Marathon and my 12th marathon since April, 2001.   I’ll write about the race in detail on Wednesday.

Today, however, I’m giving a huge SHOUT OUT to my family!

My kids don’t know me as anything other than a runner.  In fact, if there’s a random Sunday that I’m in my jammies when they wake up the first thing they’d ask is “why aren’t you running?”  Which is cool as hell.

Training for and running races is an (admittedly) selfish endeavor.  You are taking yourself out of the family for hours and hours on end.  There are missed soccer games, early bedtimes and running shoes that get packed away on every vacation and some things get pushed back a bit.   When my kids were younger it was way more challenging but I stand by the fact that running and training is important for my well-being (both mentally and physically).

With that said, I’m extremely lucky to have a spouse who is so wildly supportive of my running and racing that’s it’s almost weird.  (I mean, if I were suspicious I’d wonder why he wants me gone all the time.)  He’s truly the reason I’m able to do what I love.

My kids, like my husband have always been supportive of my running.  They leave me notes of encouragement and humor me by asking about my races.  Alexa had seen me run the Maui marathon when she was around 4 and finally, at 13, Jack had the fun of being dragged around as a spectator at the NYC Marathon.

So here’s a thank you to all of the family and friends who are on the sidelines cheering, sending texts and notes as we train and prepare.   I think I speak for my fellow runners when I say that we couldn’t do it without you.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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