Aiming for a Three-peat

So I entered the lottery to get into the NY City Marathon that’s on November 3rd.  If I get in, it would be my 3rd time running this race.   And I won’t lie, I’m sending all of my running hopes and prayers to the marathon gods that I get selected.  It’s the.  Best.  Race.  Ever.  Srsly.

I ran this race the first time in 2005.  What’s notable (for me anyway) is that is was 11 months after having my son Jack.  The second time I ran it in 2007 I trained hard, had a goal of 4:29 and came in at 4:28 for a PR.

This race is huge.  Last year, 52,000 finished the race.  52,000!  That’s a lot of water cups and Gu packets.  Not only is a ginormous race, but the crowd support is unparalleled.  It’s a party for 26.2 miles.  So I’m really excited and hoping to get in.

For anyone who’s read this blog for a while, you  may recall that I had a goal of 10  marathons by the time I was 50.  Since then, I’ve added an 11th and this would make it an even dozen.   And that would make me very happy.

The draw is on February 27th.  Fingers crossed.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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