Scimper Scamper to Kinder Products

Kinder, cruelty-free beauty products.  I’m all for them.  My thinking is, if you can replace just a few things in your makeup bag with ones that are better for our furry and fluffy friends, why not?  Every little bit helps.

The Leaping Bunny (
A comprehensive website and shopping app where you can find cruelty-free lotions, beauty products, cleaning products, etc.  They have  clear guidelines for what products get the Leaping Bunny approval and if you purchase from vendors that are on the list, you should feel good about it.

Cruelty Free Kitty (
This site has a really deep list of brands you can feel good about and also a list of products that test on animals.

I’ll be frank, I’m not that familiar with their website.  You know that ASPCA commercial that comes on where Sara McLachlan is singing and there’s pictures of very sad animals?  I change the channel every time.  My relationship with the PETA website is like that.

For a broader search just type in ‘cruelty-free beauty products’ in your browser and you’ll see more resources.

On a side note, China has regulations in place requiring companies to test beauty products on animals.  So if you’re purchasing products manufactured in China, it’s good to know.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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