In Through the Nose, Out Through the Mouth

Life is hectic, messy, busy.  We are pulled in different directions.  We are connected 24/7 to people via technology which means we are pinged, dinged, alerted and beeped at all day long.

Sometimes you just need a moment of quiet.  Of calm.  A mini retreat if you will.

So take it.  Turn off your phone.  Turn off the tv.  Hide in the bathroom or your closet (the kids will be fine for a minute).  Breathe.  Be still.  Relax.  Let your mind go blank.  Or don’t, heck it’s your personal time.   But breathe.

Here’s a fun fact.  Deep breathing affects your sympathetic nervous system, helping to calm down the body’s fight or flight response.

Aim to “check out” a few times a day.  Standing in line at the grocery store.  While picking up the kids at swim practice.  These short mental breaks are beneficial for your health.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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