So I’m active on Social Media.  Facebook mostly but I also dabble in the Twitterverse.  I have an Instagram account but I’m very quiet on it.

These platforms provide a chance to stay in touch with friends,  and family both locally and far away and get a current view into their lives.   Plus I can post oh, so motivating quotes, share my latest run, invite people to hit the trails with me and post recipes.  And pictures of me, my kids, my cats, etc.  Yeah, I’m that person.

We all know that it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.  People sometimes communicate in ways that we may not appreciate or post things that we don’t agree with.  Plus there’s the whole FOMO thing, that’s totally real.

While my usual postings won’t change (workouts, kids, cats, etc.) I am utilizing Social Media differently.   I’m following more groups and organizations that I have interest in.  I belong to a  business development group, a Yoga group, a few Plant-based groups, one Vegan fitness group, a boot-camp training group and some others.

These groups are nice because there are guidelines for posting; posts need to be relevant, beneficial to others, you can’t brazenly push your product or services, and most importantly you have to be courteous.  I find a lot of resources, tips and strategies.  Plus when I post a comment or share a recipe or a great run I just had I don’t worry that people are rolling their virtual eyes at me.   And sometimes sharing something really personal to a private group is easier than sharing it to your “friends”.

But that’s not to say all groups are good.  I belonged to one that discussed the Real Housewives on Bravo.  (Don’t judge me.)  It was fun at first because people were commenting on what I think when I watch the shows in my pjs at 4:15am.   I quickly realized that these folks were just mean, had waaay too much time on their hands, and one guy kept calling the Housewives b’s and c’s.  Eek! Cue the quick getaway.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not living my life virtually, but if I’m spending some downtime on FB why not make it a bit more beneficial than watching kitty videos?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So instead of shutting down your Social Media accounts because you’ve had enough maybe try to find some groups that have something you’re interested in and see how it will change your feed for the better.  Or you can just block people.  That works too.

Now go run!  (not virtually because that’s not a thing).

Keli 🙂

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