Adios 2017

The end of a year is ripe for reflection.  So before the bell tolls for 2018, take a few minutes and write your successes down.

Don’t edit, don’t erase, don’t censor.  Just let the praise and the atta-girls and atta-boys flow.   Your list should be long.  Very long.

Count every positive thing you’ve done in the year; from flossing on a semi-regular basis to throwing out the tin of Danish cookies because you KNEW when you got the BOGO,  you weren’t buying them “for the kids”.

When you’re done with your list, read it aloud.  Some of the oh so small achievements (scooping the honey bee out of the pool and a certain death) may make you giggle and some of the biggies should make you proud.

Promise me that your list will inspire and support you.

If you’re working on some stuff (read:  emotional or personal growth) keep the list and read it when you need a boost or a pick me up.  Sadly, not everyone gets praise or support so sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader.

And when we head into 2018, create goals or resolutions (if that’s your thing) that is motivating, that will push you in a healthier direction.   We’ll discuss this more next time, for now, get out your pen and paper.

I’d love to hear your successes so drop me a note.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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