The February Re-Boot

Yeah so January happened.  Goals were set, progress got started, progress stalled.

But listen, I’ve got things to get done this year.  I’m 50 next month for crying out loud.  Now is not the time to slink into my middle years.  Heck no!  I’m taking 50 by the, um… balls.  I’m taking 50 by the balls.

So I’ve got to get going.  Hello February Re-Boot.

I’ve registered for a Run the Bay Challenge ; it’s an 8K, 12K and a “virtual” 5K.  I’ve got a teammate for the Angel Island Adventure Race (I have no idea what this entails, to be honest.  Running, biking, challenges?  It may test a friendship).  I’m on a Ragnar team for the So Cal race in April and have entered my No Cal team (Team 316) for Napa in the fall.    I’ll also add some trail runs and a night run in September.

So if you have had a stumble in January, join me in the February Re-Boot.   Share your goals and let’s get ‘er done.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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