The Olympics are Coming!

rioI’m an Olympic geek.  I always watch a lot of the games, no matter what the competition, match or race. I love Bob Costas (though the last winter games he had this gross eye infection that was a bit distracting) and LOVE the athlete profiles.  I usually have to force myself to go to bed at night because coverage just keeps going.  Luckily when I wake up at 4ish in the morning I can catch what I missed the night before.  I told you.  Geek.

The reason I love the Olympics is probably why you love them too.  I am inspired and awed by the level of commitment and dedication that these young men and women devote to perfecting their performance, physique and mindset to becoming an Olympian.

Winners and losers of the games are usually separated by only a few seconds.  And no matter if they get to stand on a podium and feel the heavy weight of an Olympic medal around their neck, they still sacrificed, spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to get to Rio.

And I can’t wait to watch it.  I better start clearing space on my DVR!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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