Happy Int’l Womens’ Day

Usually I  miss posting something relevant on important days; “Talk Like  a Pirate Day”, “Margarita Day”, “Arbor Day”, etc.  But not today.  Nope, today I’m all about the women and I decided to write an open letter to all of my gal-pals.

Hey Girl!

You are strong.  You are powerful.  You are smart.  You are kind.  (Wait, did I just steal that from “The Help”? -whatever).  You are amazing.  You are beautiful.  You are perfection. 

You are a good friend.  A good wife or partner.  You love your kids.  Sure, you yell at them sometimes, forget to get them to baseball on time or forget practice altogether but you LOVE them.  Of this, there is no doubt!

You work hard to make your home nice.  To have food cooked, delivered or at least in the cupboard for your family.  You feed the pets, walk the dog, change the cat litter or vacuum the rabbit pellets.  You care. 

My point is, you are a good person.  A great person.  And I care for you very deeply.  Which is why this may sting a little.

You’ve got to knock some shit off.  You are simply too hard on yourselves. Across the board.  And not that anyone asked, but here’s what I think would help you and me out a ton. 

  1. Toot Your Own Horn.  Modesty is a lovely trait but hell if you did something that makes you proud, “Toot Toot”.  I’m not saying you have to Facebrag it all over the place but share with your close friends what you did and how great it made you feel to accomplish X, Y or Z.  People care when you do well.  And doing something well creates great momentum for more good to follow.
  2. Embrace Your Quirks.  For example, I watch entirely too much tv.  My kids watch entirely too much tv.  Even worse, they watch completely age-inappropriate things**.  I tried with #1 to be very careful on this but as she got older and #2 rolled through I realized they were not adversely affected by things they were watching.  If, however, you would like to argue this point with me, I’ll just direct you to their report cards 🙂
  3. Ease Up on Your Beautiful Self.  While you may be perfection, you aren’t perfect.  Homework gets forgotten, backpacks left in cars, birthday parties missed that somehow didn’t make it onto the calendar, even birthdays of loved ones that didn’t make it on the calendar.  You may have eaten a cupcake or even three or skipped your workout for the better part of 2015.   We have a lot of stuff going on and if you drop the ball now and then, let it go.  I’m not saying don’t give a crap, but you can’t change events that have happened.  You can only change how you deal with things in the future.  And maybe start a to do list.  But don’t obsess about it. 
  4. Laugh.  I’m sorry but we can be pretty uptight.  There will be situations (or people) that are crackers and you can’t do anything about it or them.  So share whatever happened with just your closest pals (in person, never in writing or on social media) give a hearty chuckle and try out my favorite Southern saying  “Bless their heart” and remember that karma is real. 
  5. Say Kind Things To Yourself.  As God is my witness I will smack anyone (who is within smacking distance) if I hear them utter  something negative about themselves.   Think about it this way.  If you looked in a mirror and told yourself you were ugly, fat, greying, wrinkly or stupid over and over again what do you think would happen.  Even if it’s not true you would walk away thinking that it was. That is the power of self-talk.  Negative self-talk is a powerful weapon but positive self-talk is like a powerful weapon on crack.   Find 2 or 3 things that you like about yourself, write them down and say them to yourself, OUT LOUD in front of the mirror.  I know, but do it because in the end, it doesn’t matter what I say to you or what your spouse or partner says.  You have to say it and believe it for it to be true. 

So have a great day!  Love you bunches!  Keli 🙂

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

**I have to add this or else Jack’s playdates will dry up quickly!  I realize that other parent’s do not have the same loosey-goosey tv rules that we do so when the younger set is over, we do keep it age-appropriate!




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