Welcome to the December Challenge. Drop the Mic. Walk Away.

If Thanksgiving put a Kink in your Kringle and you’re wondering how you’re going to maintain some level of fitness as Sugarplums dance near your mouth, Christmas parties magically appear, and school vacations are holly jollying in the way of your workouts, you’re in luck. The December Challenge is here!christmas

If you *only* do the exercises in this challenge for the entire month, you’ll emerge on January 2nd no worse for wear.  Make no mistake – this is not a “Skinny Jeans in 31 Days” or a “Drop 30 in 30”.  This is a basic workout challenge that will keep you on track.

Think of it as an antidote to the spreading of your holiday cheer.  (I really can keep these silly puns coming all day long!)

Ok, here’s the deal.  To avoid crowding your inbox with emails every day I’m going to update the December Challenge Page of my blog.  (Click here).  Each day you’ll see the new workout added.  Let me repeat that.  You will NOT receive an email every day for this challenge.  Consider one less email my gift to you.  But that means if you want to do the Challenge you will have to come to my blog and click the page.  I suggest you bookmark it now.

And please feel free to share this plan with any friends who need some Reindeer games.

About the workouts.  It’s not a complicated plan.  There’s no preparation or ramp up.  Neither are there multi-step exercises to master.  It’s basics.  Using body weight only.   At the minimum, do each workout  one time through.  If you have more time or want to push yourself, do the circuit 2, 3 or even 4 times through.

Let me know how the workouts are going!  You’ve got this!

Happy Holidays!  And by the way, the first workout is loaded so get cracking!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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