Fat Facts

fatsI’ll admit it, I’m a fat phobic.  I read food labels and zero in on the fat grams.  Often putting things back on the shelves if the fat grams inch above 8.  I do the same with recipes.  I use spray instead of oil to saute and “canola oil” spread instead of butter.  Deep frying gives me the chills and skin on chicken is a delicacy that I feel guilty about eating.  It’s taken me a while but I am back to whole eggs and eating avocado – but only sparingly.

Listen, it’s hard to unlearn certain behaviors that were formed when Bill Clinton was in office and the Snackwell devil’s food cookie was going to save us all in it’s fat free, highly sugared cookie-form.

It seems I’m not alone.  A recent article in Cooking Light magazine “outs” the fat phobes and provides a clear and comprehensive fat-facts article.  The fact is, fat tastes good.  It adds complexity and body to recipes and has a mouth-feel to foods that can’t be replicated with fat free greek yogurt or applesauce.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know the ‘whys’ or ‘what fors’ when it comes to cooking with fat.  Apparently there are certain fats that do better jobs than others in various cooking methods.  Some oils or fats are better for finishing a dish, sauteing veggies or for use in (gasp) deep frying!

But the line must be very fine when adding fats to your diet.  Fat is more calorie-dense than other foods.  Carbohydrates and Proteins have 4 calories per gram and Fats tip the scales at 9 calories per gram. The type of fat matters as well.  Look for foods that have a higher ration of heart-healthy unsaturated fats to saturated fats.

So learning to use fats properly will add depth to your meals and turn them into something worth eating.  Not just something to eat.  Check out the article here. The recipes they showcase look pretty good to me!  Again, all in moderation.

A quick note.  Cooking Light magazine is my go-to for healthy eating and easily-understandable nutritional tidbits.  I’ve been a subscriber for at least 15 years, probably more.  They are in the business of providing healthy, flavorful recipes and can help one adopt a healthier cooking style.  As you know, I only promote things I use so if I’m sending you to the Cooking Light website it’s so you can check it out and get some great information.  Not because I get paid to send you there!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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