Stairway to Heaven

Ok travelers, here’s my second hotel workout.

First of all, a fun fact.  In my hotel, there are 80 stairs from the first floor to the 6th floor.  (In case you’re not familiar, these stairs are normally used in case the elevator is out but  also they make a great place to workout.)

  • Warm up – 5 sets of stairs (from the bottom to the top and back down is 1 set) – approx 6 minutes.
  • Workout – 15 reps of squats, push-ups, hip lifts (15 with one leg extended and 15 on the other side), 30 second plank – do this circuit 3 times
  • Additional – Standing abdominal work; cross climbers, side kicks, front knee lifts with arm pull downs – approx 2 min

I hope you’ve enjoyed my travel workout tips. Give it a try the next time you’re on the road!

now go run!

Keli 😀




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